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Sunday, July 27, 2008

VOA News Video New Vertical Wind Turbine Design ideal for Urban Areas

While watching a few videos on Youtube, I decided to look up wind turbines and wind power. I found an interesting video about a new wind mill design wind turbine inspired by the ancient Egyptians, which can be used in the urban setting. It is made by a company called Mariah Power and looks very interesting....

Wind spire demonstration

Friday, July 25, 2008

Event - Canal Bridge Green Fayre Peckham - Saturday 20th September 2008

While attending and working at the recent Village Fete held by London South Bank University, I found out about the Canal Bridge Fayre which is to be held in Peckham later this year.

The aim of this event is to help raise awareness about Green Issues by promoting positive activities including how to Save Money.

Date: Saturday 20th September 2008
Time: 12 Midday - 6:00pm
Place: Peckham Square

There will be....

* An exciting programme of International dance on stage

* Solar and Pedal Powered Stage and a Solar cinema

* A busy marketplace of stalls of Local and London-wide environmental initiatives

* Environmentally friendly and recycled items

* Fun activities for all

* Information on how to join local community projects as a volunteer

Now, some history about the Fair...

* The first Canal Bridge Green Fayre in Peckham was held on the May Bank Holiday 1993, in the meadow of Northfield House in Peckham Park Road. (The bridge was removed as the road was widened and the local B&Q store was built).

* That first Green Fayre was a great success and for the next 3 years an annual Canal Bridge Green Fayre was held - first at Livesey Square in Peckham Park Road, then at the newly built Peckham Town Square. The Canal Bridge Green Fayre in 1994 was the first community event to be held in the Town Square at Peckham.

* The Green Fayres of the 1990s were organised by a group of local residents. Each year the planning group raised funding for the event from charitable sources and from the London Borough of Southwark, and each year the attendance grew.

* By 1996, the Fayre was so popular it attracted 4,000 people and positive media attention in the local press. The focus was young people, and attractions included rap artistes and musicians who would appeal to local youth.

* Sadly in 1997 a glitch in the planning process meant that the Fayre could not go ahead as no license had been obtained, and after this episode, there was a period of a decade where no Green Fayres took place in Peckham.

* In 2007, with a renewed interest locally in re-establishing the local Green Fayre, Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum via their project the Peckham Healthy Living Network brought together a number of local environmental organisations – the “Green and Healthy Peckham Fair” took place and 1,200 people attended the event.

Green and Healthy Peckham Fair 2007

The Canal Bridge Green Fayre working party is made up of Peckham Residents supported by Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum.

Contributors to the fair include:

  • Peckham Community Council
  • Peckham Wardens
  • Sustainable Services Southwark: Eco Schools
  • Friary Environmental Network
  • Southwark Cyclists
  • Peckham Green Ventures
  • Peckham F.O.E and Peckham Green Groups

Date: Saturday 20th September 2008
12 Midday - 6:00pm
Peckham Square

More Volunteers are urgently needed to help with organising the event!

There are some general requirements for volunteering on the event

* You must have time to attend a meeting once a month
* Be willing to carry out tasks
* Be available on the day of the event

Specific Needs

*Event management
*Design leaflets
*Design our Website
*Write press releases
* Recruit and manage volunteer stewards on the day
* Provide general administration support

What is in it for you if you volunteer at the Event?

* Meet new people who have similar interests like you.
* Knowing that you have made a contribution to a community event in your area
* Making a difference to our environment
* Receive support and training as a volunteer
* Learn new skills and gain valuable experience

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the event...

Ring Lesley on 07972 687 930 for details of the next meeting or send an email to: greenfayrepeckham [@]
(remove the [] to make one word before emailing)

See the map below for location of meetings

Address: PVSF, 48 Willowbrook Rd
SE15 6BW
Tel: 0207 358 9777

Willowbrook Rd is located between Peckham Hill Street and Trafalgar Avenue.

Are you a Trader who would like to be involved at the event?

* Do you have a product or a message to sell, advertise or to share with the public that is consistent with sustainable living?
* Are you working towards reducing your Carbon Footprint?
* Invitations are open for you to make applications for a stall at the Green Fayre

They are seeking Peckham Traders in particular, but others are welcome too!

To book a stall or a space please contact:

Lesley at the following email address:
greenfayrepeckham [@]
(remove the [] to make one word before sending your email)

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Green Architecture and Renewable Energy Buildings, An Ideal Home Scenario

If you were to design your perfect energy efficient house, what would it look like?

Mine would have Solar panels along the side wall that would open visor style to make a shade on hot days in the garden while collecting energy from the sun's rays. Also in the garden, there would be solar garden lights to provide light from dusk until dawn when they automatically switch off ready to store energy for later in the day.

In the toilet, I would have infrared toilet flush and infrared taps (no need to touch the handle to flush the loo or taps), which would be powered by solar and wind energy, you know those small wind turbines on the roof.

The infrared toilet flush and taps are also hygienic because you do not physically have to touch them. You just wave your hand in front of it, it detects movement and then automatically flushes the toilet or switches on the tap in order for you to wash your hands. Below are some examples of infrared flush and taps so you can see what they look like. The pink light is the sensor to detect movement.

Infrared toilet flush at my old gym

Infrared tap at my old gym

There would be small wind turbines in the garden to generate energy for the house, and possibly a small roof mounted wind turbine or possibly two. (I have recently seen two large roof mounted wind turbines on some flats on the Old Kent Road, near Elephant and Castle and some smaller ones on my journeys around London).

I visited an acquaintance a few years ago and in the bathroom there were heated floor tiles in the bathroom, which was great because you did not have to walk around on cold tiles. These tiles used electricity and apparently the heating device was laid onto the floor before the tiles were assembled over them. In my ideal futuristic house, I would have a similar layout in the bathroom, but it would be powered solely by solar (photovoltaic panels) and wind energy.

 Solar garden lights

Another acquaintance who lived outside London in Reading had a house with Solar panels along one side of the roof and halfway down the side of the house, the energy generated from these solar panels was enough to provide central heating for the whole house, a two bedroomed property (this was about 9 years ago). It would be nice to see more of these energy efficient buildings built for residential and commercial purposes making use of the space outside the buildings.

Off topic

While in conversation with a woman about a week or two ago, she told me that her neighbour had solar powered roof panels and sold her unused electricity back to the national grid. (see links below). It is amazing what you can learn while talking to people in random conversations.....Interesting!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Day After Tomorrow Movie Trailer

The Day after Tomorrow is a film that highlights the events of global warming, climate change (whatever you want to call it) in a doomsday scenario of what could possibly happen as a result of climate change with extreme whether changes shown throughout a number of continents, from hailstones the size of grapefruit to extreme flooding, as well as hints of an ice age.

The Day after Tomorrow is one of several disaster movies which came out a few years ago, the message in the film is more relevant today than when the film was released. Stars Dennis Quaid as the Eco warrior trying to save the planet from imminent disaster before time runs out....

The Day After Tomorrow Movie Trailer

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