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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Book Recommendation - Reduce Reuse Recycle - An Easy Household Guide by Nicky Scott

A few weeks ago, I attended the People and Planet Group meeting at my University.

At the last meeting, I was told about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle a book written by Nicky Scott, which is easy to read and highlights various ways you can recycle a number of household items, including reducing household waste output. The book is even printed on recycled paper.

The book outlines a number of recyclable items such as batteries, attic clearance, ceramics, old coins, old clothes, electrical appliances, your spectacles and much more.

After glancing through a copy bought by a People and Planet member, I knew I immediately wanted a copy of my own. I bought it at Blackwells bookshop for £2 reduced from £3.95, although it is still a bargain at the original price.

It is an enjoyable read and contains a lot of practical information that you can start using immediately. I have learned some new things from it such as recycling engine oil, recycling of fluorescent light tubes or lightbulbs, vending cups and even paint! As they say, you learn something new everyday!

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