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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sustainable Development Policy Group Launch at London South Bank University

On Thursday 9th October, I attended the launch event for London South Bank University's (LSBU's) Sustainability Policy Group. It was an enjoyable event, which I attended for an hour. The two-hour sustainability event was buzzing from the beginning with Green Issues Stakeholders milling around and discussing topics such as FairTrade, Sustainability at LSBU, recycling, water conservation and much more...

After a short buffet luncheon and drinks, the event began at 12.00pm with a welcome address by the Vice Chancellor, Deian Hopkin followed by a speech given by Ros Wade, Joint Course Director, Education for Sustainability giving an insight into the history of the Sustainable Development Group and the educational aspects of Sustainability at LSBU. Further speeches were given by Alan Dyer, Associate Director of the Centre for Sustainable Futures at the University of Plymouth and Nordin Jahar, President of LSBU's Students’ Union gave a brief presentation on how to save energy which included practical things that we can all do to save the environment and go green.

Nordin Jahar, President LSBU Student Union and a delegate

Key Travel Stand

LSBU was then presented with a FairTrade award by Sarah Jewell of FairTrade and Tolis Marinos, Deputy Head of Residential & Catering Services at LSBU promptly received it.

Finally, Mike Wilkinson (Chair of the SDG) gave a closing speech bringing the event to an end and encouraging attendees to network and view sustainability posters designed by some 1st year BSc (Hons) Product Design and Engineering Students, and various stands promoting energy efficiency and Sustainability as well as some new recycling bins which were on display.

Green Recycling Bin

Also present at the event were delegates from Key Travel, Nova-Flo
- an invention by James Barnham, a Masters degree Graduate of London South Bank University who featured on the BBC's Dragon's Den, Office Depot & RM Computers.

James Barnham demonstrating his Nova-Flo invention

Nova-Flo - Water conservation by stopping baths from overflowing

Some posters from M2, LSBU's new in-house printers

Office Depot Stand

Other highlights of the Event

SWAP SHOP - As I and a friend arrived at the event, we were encouraged to help ourselves to some swap shop items. These were "freebie" items, such as pens, mouse-mats, mugs, keyring, and the little knick knacks that we sometimes pick up but do not get around to using much, which end up sitting in a drawer or on a shelf gathering dust. We were encouraged to bring unwanted items along to the event so that they could be left for someone who would put them to good use or alternatively swapped for something more useful. I thought this was a great idea!

All members of staff and students attending the event were reminded to bring their I.D. badges with them so that they could easily be identified. The reasoning behind this was also to save resources usually used to make name badges such as paper, plastic and metal.
I made a small observation while having lunch, our buffet lunches were served on real ceramic plates as opposed to plastic or paper disposables, I thought this was in keeping with the ethos on sustainability.

Additionally, the event further highlighted the role that Engineering and Product Design Students play in the field of Sustainability.

Comment - 27th June 2014

I am a Graduate of London South Bank University.  I studied BSc Business Information Technology and graduated with a 2.2.

I have worked at the University before and after graduating from there.

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