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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dancing panda - This will cheer you up!

Cute dancing panda!

Isn't it nice not to have a care in the world, just eat, sleep and dance....LOL

I love pandas! They are so cute, cuddly and so peaceful, they don't trouble anyone.

Short video of the Cycle Hire Scheme in Kennington, London

Cycle hire scheme, Kennington, London

While out and about in South London, I came across the bicycle hire scheme in London.

Above is a short video clip of the bicycle hire scheme introduced around London recently. From my footage you can see that these bikes look to be quite popular, there were only four bikes when I passed by the hire spot some days ago, which is located near Kennington Park post office on the junction of Bowling Green street and Kennington Road in London just around the corner from the Oval Cricket ground. So, if you live near that area you know where to hire your bicycle. The cycles appear to be quite popular, there were only four bikes available when I walked past. Looks interesting enough and appears to be taking off.

On the temporary Android phone that I have, the Samsung Galaxy S, I downloaded the Cycle hire widget from the Android market, this app seems to do a good job of locating the cycle hire points around London and I was easily able to locate the place where I recorded the video in Kennington park complete with a map of the area in a matter of seconds. It's a free app, so this adds to the convenience.

If you have used one of these bikes or the Cycle hire widget on Android, leave a comment and say what you think about the scheme.

If you have hired one of these bikes, leave a comment and say what you think about the scheme on my youtube page as well.

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