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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas tree recycling - Contact your local council for facilities

If you are wondering what to do with your real Christmas tree after the festive season, you can visit the website of your Local Borough Council to check what facilities they have in place for recycling and reuse of used Christmas trees.

A number of local councils have designated dates which they have allocated for collection of Christmas trees. Some local councils will collect the trees as well as Christmas cards to be recycled. Christmas cards can be put in the paper and card recycling boxes or bags provided.

Real Christmas trees can be left on the side of the pavement next to your wheelie bin along with other recyclable items, which will be picked up at the allocated times or days specified by your local council. Please contact your local council for information.

Recycled Trees can be used for a number of things such as firewood, mulch, which helps to keep weeds out. Those are already two uses I can think of. If you can think of any more, then leave a comment in the comment section below the post.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

If you find you have an infestation...

If you find that you have an infestation of rats, mice or other crawling creatures, before calling the pest control people, call your local council and look on their website under pest control as some local councils provide services such as these. In some cases, some services are free of charge. Also, it is in their best interests to help with these types of problems because infestations by rats and other crawling creatures are a serious health hazard, especially if you have small children. I was talking to my neighbour who has two small children and she had found a rat living in her back garden. Additionally rats and mice breed very quickly and unfortunately carry diseases harmful to humans.

Off topic

While I was standing on the platform at Waterloo tube station yesterday, I saw 3 mice running up and down the platform and more running up and down the tracks, this was enough to make me shudder physically, apart from that, I could not sit on the seats provided on the platform and I definitely did not put my bags down because I did not want those little creatures jumping into my bag and coming home with me...LOL

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

National Climate March 6th of December 2008 - Part of a Global Day of Climate Protest

National Climate March - Part of a Global Day of Climate Protest

When: Saturday 6th December 2008
Where: Hyde Park, Speaker's Corner.
(Marble Arch Tube, 5 minutes walk from Grosvenor Square

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"Join people all around the world to demand action now to prevent the catastrophe that threatens to engulf us all" says one banner, "Save our planet for our children" says another....."Global Warming Reality!! Be aware and take action", "Fight climate change today". These are a selection of banners held up by people on previous climate change marches.

These events are meant to be a peaceful affair, but a March on Parliament to Protest about Climate Change and demand that Governments around the world take more action regarding this issue.

For events happening in your area of the world, see the website below.

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