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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green Information Technology - Energy Efficient Laptops

I was recently having a conversation with some friends and came up with the idea of a solar powered laptop, I had already given away my money spinning idea and quickly pulled my fingers across my mouth in a gesture showing that I was zipping my mouth closed and we all had a joke about it...

A quick search online and I realised that my idea was not that original as there are countless results showing the solar powered laptop or something remotely similar incorporating the same idea (oh well, there goes my patent).

Solar powered laptops would work because they are portable and can be easily left in an area where they can catch natural light and recharge effortlessly. I saw one website with a man and his lightweight foldable solar powered panels which looked as though they could easily be plugged into a cable to power the laptop, this looked quite interesting....

It really would be nice to see more solar powered laptops for sale or in fact some kind of technology which could be adapted to mains powered laptops, that would be really cool. I guess this is known as green IT.

I've already seen solar powered mobile phone chargers and even seen a solar powered car, so it would be interesting to see solar powered laptops being sold, this would be especially useful if you are in an area where there is little to no electricity available to charge your mobile phone or laptop. 

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Garden - Nature's reserve on your doorstep

These days there are key housing developments happening around the United Kingdom, some of them look like a concrete jungle while others look like a work of art, but for those people lucky enough to have a beautiful garden either at the front or back of the house it can be quite exciting making it look nice and especially seeing the sometimes invisible creatures living inside. Here is a short article discussing the benefits of a garden, not only as a place for quiet reflection, catching some sun, relaxing with friends or just a nature reserve for birds, animals and other wildlife....

A garden can be a great refuge for birds and animals such as squirrels to play in, it is a great artificial countryside providing a comfortable sanctuary which allows wildlife to exploit it for food and shelter. Birdtables attract all kinds of variety of birds and provides food especially in the winter months when it gets cold and dark a lot earlier than the rest of the year.

A garden hedge can provide a nice shelter for birds to burrow in, nest and shelter away from the cold and frost while a pond provides a nice cosy home for tadpoles (I used to keep tadpoles and baby snails when I was a child), frogs and fish to breed balancing out the Ecosystem.

For people who do not have a garden, there is always the opportunity of visiting nearby green spaces such as parks, some people have allotments in the city or outside in the country and others opt to keep plants and flowers indoors transforming the inside of the house into an indoor garden where they have artificially running water, fish tanks, aquariums or potted plants bringing nature inside transforming sometimes dull surroundings into a green haven.

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