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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Is So Good About Trees?

I was reading another blog and came across an article where the writer wanted to know what was so good about trees and expressed that we should stop planting them. I decided to write a piece about the benefits of trees. In my opinion, the advantages the trees provide far outweigh their disadvantages.

So, what is so good about trees.....
  1. Trees provide shade and shelter for humans, birds, insects and other wildlife animals. Some houses are built with the wood from trees and logs.
  2. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce fresh oxygen for us in its place and in turn help to balance the ecosystem.
  3. Trees absorb excess water to prevent flooding.
  4. Trees help to stop or slow down the effects of soil erosion.
  5. Trees help to protect houses from wind and other severe weather conditions and also provide shade and shelter for houses. We had two huge trees in our garden and they both protected the house from gale force winds and also provided shelter for birds (you could hear them singing in the morning). About 3 years ago, one of the trees fell down, closely missing a neighbour's house. The cause of the tree falling was very strong gale force winds. Fortunately, it fell onto the perimeter fence around the garden and was supported by my neighbour's apple tree. It would have caused a lot more damage had it not been for the apple tree. next door, ironically. Now that the second tree has been cut down (we had to cut it down because it was taller than the house and had become dangerous to surrounding properties), you can feel the house shaking when there are gale force winds. Those two trees actually protected the house and provided a cool shelter, which you could sit under, in the summer. They were huge Conifer trees also known as Christmas trees and their leaves hardly shed.
  6. Trees provide paper for us to write on and write with in the form of pencils, crayons etc., toilet and kitchen paper for personal hygiene.
  7. Trees provide furniture in the form of beds, chairs, tables.
  8. It's a natural sustainable resource, and it is very important that we plant trees to take the place of the ones that have been cut down.
  9. Trees (well some plants) provide food for us and other wildlife to eat.
  10. Trees provide fuel and energy.
  11. As the old saying goes "money does not grow on trees" but it is made from trees, however.

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