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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Please take your rubbish with you

After visiting several European Countries over the years including Belgium, France, Spain and Ireland, the first thing you noticed was how clean these countries are, you can't see any rubbish on their streets. You also notice that people do not spit all over the streets (I cannot stand this). The other thing you notice is you never actually see the cleaners, while I certainly did not....

Taking your rubbish with you, instead of throwing it on the floor, will not only keep Britain (or wherever you live) tidy, it will also help to lessen infestation by rodents. It is not so hard to keep your crisp packet, chocolate wrapper or small bits of rubbish in your pocket or bag until you get to a bin.

Apart from attracting rats, mice etc, throwing rubbish on the streets can have a negative effect on the drain system, blocking it up. When it rains the water stays on the road causing floods, especially during periods of heavy rain.

Also, the streets look a lot nicer without all the rubbish littering them, nobody likes to live in a mess, and our surroundings play a part in our wellbeing and how we feel and behave.

If you live in a wheelie bin area, putting the rubbish in the wheelie bin and keeping it closed, instead of throwing the black bag on the floor, will help to prevent rodents which carry diseases and spread germs.

Please be proud of your country and keep it clean.


Ahmad said...

I TOTALLY agree with u, it all comes from respecting your country or respecting this lovely planet we all living on, iam from Egypt and we have the same problem u r talking about but iam sure it is on a VERY much wider scale, i hope ppl would care about such things.. Thank You so much.
Monday, January 22, 2007 10:41:00 PM

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