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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Solar Oven Cooking with Roberta

Solar Oven Cooking with Roberta

I've been watching a few videos of different solar ovens online. There are various types, from shoe box style, swivel mirror to umbrella style types, each with their pros and cons. Some appear to be more efficient and effective than others, some are big and others are compact. The one in this video appears to be quite popular and more impressive, as a nice hot meal was cooked in winter with it, despite the snow and cold weather. I was quite surprised.

I would like to try a solar cooker, they look like fun to use. I can imagine that a lot of people use these when they go camping.

I saw one video where an Asian restaurant were making barbecued or kebab style chicken with a huge solar foil like panel. That was very impressive, I must say, and because the weather was hot there, the food appeared to cook and brown very quickly.

Solar Cooking "Grilling becomes thrilling" -Panasonic ecoideasnet

Have you tried out a solar cooker, which type did you use, did you build it yourself?

Leave a comment if you like.

Great technology.

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