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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Wind turbine at the Kennington Oval in London

Please note: My name is ANTONIA, not Mimi, Diva, Naomi, Ana or anything of that sort. Please do not associate me with people who I do not have any affiliation who I have only associated with on hair forums.....I do not know these people personally, and they have no affiliations with my blog.

From what I gathered, the person I have mentioned here is one of the people who hacked my blog. I was not born in 1979 and some nutcases have been coming on to my computer desktop illegally. This girl apparently lived at my house as well, through the Property Management company I have told you about...Drugs were planted in my garden and they came to wreck my house....The videos are on my YouTube page.

Everyone who knows me knows who I am...They have hijacked my blog and continue to harass me on my computer.

This is a post about a wind spire I saw at the Oval, nothing more, nothing less.

I like recording interesting videos of interesting events or educational things that people can learn from or use.

This is an old recording I made of a wind turbine or wind spire I spotted at the Kennington Oval used to generate and store wind energy. 

Would be nice if someone could leave a comment if they use one of these or comment with their thoughts and ideas.

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