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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Strange flowers in my garden - Poppy

Poppy plants, which I found in my garden

I found these strange flowers growing in my garden.

Holmesdale Limited, based in Croydon had my house for a year.

Please take note of the types of activities that this company is involved in:

Holmesdale International Limited - Description Residential care activities for mental retardation, mental health and substance abuse.

What Holmesdale had told me was that they deal with the Council, specifically Croydon Council and social services who take teenage boys from living in foster care homes and allow them to experience living independently until they get their own accommodation and living space.

They had people from Maudsley Hospital here as well. I found the letters here in a box behind the sofa with a pair of broken glasses. In case you do not know, Maudsley Hospital, based in Camberwell and also Croydon, is a hospital for people with mental health problems.

As far as I'm concerned, this company were using my property for illicit activities and as a drug den and the garden to cultivate poppy plants which they intended to use to make opium. When I requested my property back they started to give me stories and were dragging their feet. They would not allow me to visit the property and kept fobbing me off simply because they had been using the house for illicit activities, from the Intel I got, prostitution/brothel keeping and drug dealing.

They also stole ALL my letters and tried to set me up with various false allegations, including asking people on the street to testify in court with the police coming here continuously asking for people who are no longer here. Then I had visits from the court as a man that was here was said to have mugged a person and stole their mobile phone, they came back with people to fight the man, the police came, arrested the man and he went to prison....So I heard.

Next, the man came out of prison and started banging on my door disturbing me here.

There was trouble at the house, I told the representatives from Holmesdale Ltd that I wanted to visit the property and they always fobbed me off. They said you can come to visit but you can't go inside the boys rooms because they need their privacy....Really?

HOLMESDALE LTD changed the locks of my house, I arrived here to find I could not open the front door with my keys....HOLMESDALE LTD changed the locks without telling me, trying to steal my house.....Please take notes of underhanded techniques used to rob people of their property and frame people in the UK.

I banged the door and some new people were here, 3 Afghanistan males who were asylum seekers or something of that sort. Please come to your own conclusions now as to what they were doing at my house with poppies growing in my back yard.

The man who runs that company has children of his own, so he told me, as a result I would expect that this would be a sensible, honest and decent man. Of course, I was completely wrong about that.

These videos and literature go online as a record more than anything else as these people and their associates have tried to frame me in illicit activities of which I know nothing.

There have been strange people climbing into my garden at night and picking the locks and coming into my house at night. A number of items have been stolen from my house....Thieves in the night.

My roof was damaged and leaking againwhen I got my property back, and they carried out modifications to my drainage system in the manhole outside the property without first consulting or notifying me. What I have heard is that human remains were found in my drain and underneath the house.

I have reported this to the police, but they are useless, always allowing criminals to get away with crimes and never investigating anything. I have not had any confirmation of this from the police and they did not get back to me after I had made several visits to the station.

I do not want people to knock my door and disturb me for someone else's criminality. I do not commit crimes, therefore, I do not want to be disturbed with other people's crimes.

Croydon police did not get back to me instead deciding to write me letters saying that they could not contact me. They did not contact me at all nor did they get back to me with any feedback as to what was going on, instead preferring to allow people to go around the Internet telling false tales about me.

My contact details have been available on my blogs including emails for people to contact me if they needed to....There is NO REASON at all why people should be trying to communicate with me secretly when I am more than willing to be transparent about EVERYTHING.

Those of you with common sense can make up your own mind as to what is going on here.

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